30 Day Health Challenge - Day 7
30 Day Health Challenge: Day 7 Results

RECAP: Starting Point of my 30-Day Health Challenge

This a follow-up to my original blog post which detailed the Start of my 30-Day Health Challenge that I set for myself. In that post I provided my starting point in terms of the metrics I would be tracking which included:

I also detailed what I would be doing in the first 7 days of my 30-Day Health Challenge which is the following.

  1. To not eat any processed food (in other words no packaged food also known as the middle of the grocery store)
  2. Not eat any carbs from refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, wheat…) or starchy carbohydrates (potatoes)
  3. To not eat any sweets (avoid sugar)
  4. Not consume any alcohol, drink only water and coffee (with cream and almond creamer). 
  5. Intermittent Fasting / Time-restricted Eating (only eat between 12 PM and 8 PM)
  6. Take 10,000 steps a day which could be walking or running
  7. Exercise for approximately 30 minutes a day at least 3 out of 7 days. This will be weight training or HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

Where do I stand after 7 Days?

After a week of being on my health challenge lets discuss:

My Results After 7 days

The following table lists the metrics using my RENPHO Bluetooth body scale. The table lists:

Target Range19-May-2026-May-20% Change
Weight (lbs)125.5 – 168.8199.8195.6-2.1%
BMI18.5 – 2529.629-2.0%
Body Fat %<
Fat-Free Body Weight (lbs)n/a147.6146.2-0.9%
Subcutaneous Fat (%)8.6 -16.722.521.9-2.7%
Visceral Fat< 111211-8.3%
Body Water (%)50.0 – 65.053.3541.3%
Skeletal Muscle (%)49.0 – 59.047.748.31.3%
Muscle Mass (lbs)109.0 – 131.0140.2139-0.9%
Bone Mass (lbs)5.8 –
Protein (%)16.0 – 18.016.9170.6%
BMR (kCal)> 177018161803-0.7%
Metabolic Age3943430.0%
Target Range vs Starting vs Results after 7 Days

As you can see the numbers are trending in the right direction which is definitely encouraging. I should take this as a positive and be happy with my accomplishment thus far. However, in the back of my mind, I am thinking I wish the percent change was bigger.

Once you read the next section, you’ll understand why I am beating myself up emotionally that is. I need to realize that results vary and all you can do is be consistent. In the end, it is the consistency that will get me results.

I recently posted on my social media a Motivation Monday which I do every Monday. I post a Motivation Monday and Quick Tip Tuesday on my social media (Facebook and Instagram) every week as well as other great content. Consider following me my handle is @canadahealthrevolution on Instagram and Canada Health Revolution page and group on Facebook.  

The Motivation Monday this week said:

“Every day show up, give yourself a chance to make a difference.

Because success doesn’t know about your struggles, fear or obstacles.

Success just know if you showed up.

Show up every day!”

This is true as we need to show up every day. Every small thing we do provides a result no matter how small it might be. All these small results add up and compound over time to provide a greater result. The problem is that instead of staying consistent we sabotage ourselves here and there causing us to start over from scratch.

That being said if you do sabotage yourself and are knocked down instead of staying knocked down you need to acknowledge your failure and pick yourself up. Persist through the obstacle, fear and struggle to find a solution and visualize the end goal. Take it one day at a time and stay consistent.

This is not only advice I would give someone I was coaching but is something I continuously reiterate to myself when I fail. I am a certified Health Coach however I do fail even when it comes to food and fitness, I am human.  

 What went well and what didn’t

I started off the week strong sticking to my game plan but when Friday rolled along, I gave in to temptations. My wife had the idea that we should just order Pizza for dinner as it was one of those stressful weeks of being cooped up inside due to COVD-19.  So, we needed a break from cooking and after all crappy food is a stress reliever.

I knew I should stick to my game plan, but I figured let me take a break I was good all week, I will get back to the game plan tomorrow. I am also feeling emotionally drained and anxious due to the uncertainty with the pandemic, not being able to see family /friends and not having a job (starting my transition into entrepreneurship). There is just so much out of the normal right now.

The funny part is I think this is a mistake most of us make. At the end of the week, we set goals for ourselves for the week such as diet or exercise routine. Then at the beginning of the week, we stick to the plan but by the end of the week and especially the weekend we are exhausted, stressed and give in to temptations. Or we feel we should reward ourselves for being so good the rest of the week.  

Weekend Sabotage

When the pizza arrived, it looked fantastic. I ended up eating about 4 slices (maybe more). However, after eating the last slice of Pizza I told my wife that the sad part is that I still feel hungry.

This basically proved two of my points:

  1. I eat crappy food due to the euphoria it gives me when eating it. The smell and the taste which puts me in a high.
  2. Crappy food (epically carb or sugar-heavy food) does not fill me up like having some good fat, veggies and a nice piece of meat.

Nevertheless, come Saturday morning I was able to fast until lunchtime. But then when dinner rolled around, I gave into having some French fries, a glass of wine.

I did not overdo it, but I still knew:

  1. Alcohol would be the first calories to burn and really did nothing positive to fuel my body or help with burning fat.
  2. The Carbs (French fries) and Alcohol would knock me out of fat-burning mode. Meaning my body would replenish its glycogen stores in my liver and if the glycogen was full my body would just store energy from the carbs/glucose on my body as body fat.

There were also the weekend treats I had ice cream on Friday and Saturday night and on Sunday night I had a donut. Hence this is why I was beating myself up as I really gave into my temptations and stress. As a result, I did not achieve what I wanted to. Now that I look at it my results are pretty impressive given how much I cheated on the first 4 items of what I was supposed to stick to during the first 7 days.

I definitely did myself a disservice, I was letting everyone down as my goal is to show what can be accomplished with a 30-day health challenge. I could have phoned it in like I have done in the past and restarted on Monday. However, instead, I decided I was going to continue the journey because this is what happens to most people.

On the bright side what did go well is I stuck to intermittent fasting which I believe helped me in not gain any weight and offset the crappy food I ate. I did exercise (at least 3 times) and move (at least 10,000 steps per day) throughout the week.

In the end weight loss is 80% diet/food related and 20% exercise/sleep/stress. Therefore, to get better results I need to get a perfect score on the 80% section.   

What will my focus be on the next 7 days?

I believe the biggest goal I have for the next 7 days is to be more vigilant in sticking with the 7 main tools and strategies I originally set when I started this challenge.

A couple of additional tweaks I hope to incorporate is:

  1. Extend my fasts so that I only eat one meal (dinner) a couple of days a week
  2. The days I am not fasting beyond 12 pm I will only eat two meals (lunch and dinner), no snacking in between.
  3. I will eliminate the almond creamer from my coffee as it contains some sugar which is most likely impeding me slightly causing a sugar spike.

I typically do not feel hungry throughout the day during the week since I am keeping myself busy with kids being home and trying to get my business setup. The goal of extending my fast is to allow my body to tap into my body fat as a source of energy which is easier to do if you are fat-adapted. Fat adapted means you have been eating low carb, high fat for quite a while so your body is accustomed to using fat as a fuel source instead of carbohydrates/glucose.   

Eating meals and not snacking allows my body to transition from using food as energy to using my body fat for energy for frequently keeping blood sugar levels to near zero.

I am a big coffee drinker I typically use 18% table cream and splash of almond creamer. However as mentioned the almond creamer does have sugar which will definitely cause blood sugar to rise slightly. Hence why my plan is to eliminate the almond creamer.

The table cream contains no sugar and constitutes a fat. As a result, fat does not cause blood sugar to spike. This should allow my body to continue using fat as its primary source of energy and in turn, my body fat helping with weight loss.

 Thanks for reading and once I again I will provide an update in 7 days which will be day 14 of my 30-day health challenge. Almost the halfway point.