How our Body Uses Carbs for Energy

#005- This is episode 5 of the Canada Health Revolution Podcast with Gianluca I do a deep dive into one of my recent Social Media Posts related to Carbohydrates Function.

Ever Tuesday I post what I call a Quick Tip Tuesday which is a Quick Tip to Improve Your Health.

On May 26th the Quick Tip Tuesday which I posted on my Facebook page (and Instagram the following:

“Did you know?

The body can get energy from two sources either:

Glucose (Carbs) or Fat

Energy from Glucose is stored in 2 places:

  1. The Liver (as Glycogen)
    1. Quick access
    1. Limited storage
  2. Body Fat
    1. Harder to use
    1. Unlimited storage

Try reducing Carbs/glucose intake in order to become fat adapted.

That way your body uses fat as its primary source of energy.

You will be surprised on how good you feel and how easily you will lose weight.”

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In this episode I provide we break down on Carbohydrates Function and how our body uses carbs for energy and how we can use fat instead for energy and lose weight.

I also wrote a blog post on this Carbohydrates Function feel free to check it out here.

I hope you enjoy this Episode.

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