Welcome to Canada Health Revolution where is all about helping busy parent regain your health through simple strategies.

I believe a lots of parents get hung up by information overload, lack of time and stress.

As a parent I want you to remember that you have achieved so much already in life which includes having kids (our pride and joy).

Your health is something you can add to your list of achievements that way you can be a good example for your kids and can be around a long time for them.

My goal is to help you cut through the information overload and take your health back into your hands.

If you want to learn more about me you can go here.

What should you do when arriving at Canada Health Revolution?

Step 1: Sign-Up to the Mailing List.

This way you can be notified when new content is added. I will be continuously posting new blog articles related to health, nutrient, fitness and tools/strategies.

Step 2: Be part of the community

Follow me on social media. My social media links are located at the top of the page in the header. This also allows you to engage directly with me as I plan to start conversations on my social media platforms.

Step 3: If you need help – Contact me

If you need help and are ready to receive health coaching that way we can put a health plan together so you can achieve your health goals. Then please contact me so we can schedule a FREE discovery call or submit a question.

Step 4: Listen to the Canada Health Revolution Podcast – COMING SOON!

I am currently working on launching a podcast called Canada Health Revolution Podcast which will be available on all places where podcasts are available such as Apple Podcast, Spotify and etc.

I am currently targeting a Launch Date of May 12th, 2020. Sign-up to the mailing list so you can be notified when the podcast is live and when new episodes are posted.  

The podcast will be a solo show to start however overtime I plan to:

The following is a link to the Podcast Form in case you want to provide:

Step 5: Canada Health Revolution Program – COMING SOON!

I am in the process of putting together a Program which I hope to Launch by July 1st.  

The goal of the program will be support you on your weight loss journey. It will be either a 6 weeks program in which I will provide actionable steps that you can take to loose 5% body weight.

The program will:

What you can expect by joining the program and following the steps:

I will walk you through all the steps by providing multiple actionable video and information. I plan to offer the program at 2 different Levels of support which will be at different price points.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Add your name to the waitlist for this program to be notified when it is released and take advantage of the following: