Episode 7 – Tools to Stay Motivated & Accountable

Canada Health Revolution - Let's Stay in Touch

#007- This is episode 5 of the Canada Health Revolution Podcast with Gianluca Ianiro. In today’s episode I breakdown My Top 6 Tools & Resources to Stay Motivated & Accountable. These are 6 tools that I use to stay motivated and accountable in order to lose weight and stay healthy. These tools will help you […]

30 Day Health Challenge: Day 7 Results

30 Day Health Challenge - Day 7

RECAP: Starting Point of my 30-Day Health Challenge This a follow-up to my original blog post which detailed the Start of my 30-Day Health Challenge that I set for myself. In that post I provided my starting point in terms of the metrics I would be tracking which included: Weight BMI (Body Mass Index) Body […]