Primal Health Coach

What is a Health Coach?

As a Primal Health Coach, my goal is to guide, support, motivate and mentor you to become healthy. This involves not only educating you on how our bodies work but providing tools and strategies you can implement in your everyday life in order to make lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.

As an individual with a full-time job and kids in activities. I understand that spending hours at the gym and prepping meals is unrealistic. That is why I am focused on giving you simple tools and strategies to implement in your everyday life.

The ultimate goal as my catchphrase states: “Time to take your health back into your hands.”

What is a PRIMAL Health Coach?

Gianluca Ianiro - Certified Primal Health Coach

A primal health coach follows the Primal Blueprint way of eating and exercising which was developed by March Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple blog. It emphasizes foods and activities that our primal ancestors would have had access to and carried out in prehistoric times millions of years ago.

I know what you’re thinking: “we are not in prehistoric times this is the 21st century. It is ridiculous to say we should eat or do what our primal ancestors did millions of years ago”. I completely understand and agree it sounds ridiculous. However, all this means is that you should eat real food and eliminate processed food, added sugar and grains which were not around in prehistoric times.

Since the industrial revolution and the dawn of agriculture, our food has evolved. We are now able to create any type of food imaginable and add sugar to it so that it tastes good. This allows us access to food at all times throughout the day.  We have developed food so that it will have an extended shelf life.

Instead, the primal blueprint focuses on eating real food such as natural fats, animal protein (aka meat), plenty of vegetables and some fruit (main in-season fruit).  This all seems like common sense to me and was all sensible.

With regards to exercise the focus is on moving more (walking), lifting heavy things occasionally, play and sprinting. Other than moving more all other activities should be done occasionally and do not involve hours at the gym. I will break this down more in a future blog post.  

What really grabbed my attention to the primal blueprint was the science behind it and what happens to your body when you constantly eat processed foods, grains and sugar. After all I am an engineer so having science to back it really sold me on the concept.

Why become a Primal Health Coach?

I felt that in order to give advice on how to become healthy my experience although beneficial was not enough. Becoming a Primal Health Coach gave me not only credibility. It gave me an extensive educational background which I plan to share with you.

Becoming a Primal Health Coach allowed me to acquire extensive health knowledge concerning topics such as:

These are all items I plan to share through the blog and my health coaching programs.

Does that mean you need to stick to this way of eating forever?

I am Italian which means some of the foods I grew up with and still love to this day are Pasta, Pizza, Gelato (gelato not ice cream). However, depending on what I am looking to achieve whether it is to maintain my weight or lose weight I will choose to indulge or not indulge.

When I was younger, I could probably get away with indulging more frequently as I was more active but now that I am older, I know that I cannot overdo it as it will cause me to gain weight. So, on special occasions, I will indulge but the majority of days I will stick to the primal way of eating.

In addition, when I eat clean for a while and then decide to have a plate a pasta, I can really feel the effects right after eating the meal. I feel bloated and still hungry as it does not feel me up like eating a piece of meat and a salad. That is one of the benefits of sticking to a clean way of eating, you can really identify the effects food has on your body.

What you should do next?

Now that I am a Certified Primal Health Coach. I am working on sharing more content which includes education, tools and strategies. I am also working on developing an online health coaching platform. Therefore, if you want to stay in contact sign up to my email list so that you can be notified when there are updates. I am hoping you will go on this journey with me.

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